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With more than 10 years’ experience, Newtown Plumbing & Excavation are Geelong’s hot water systems experts. No matter whether you have a gas or electric hot water system, we provide professional installation and repair services.

Our plumber gas fitters┬ácan install a suitable hot water system for your home or business, including recommendations for which system is best suited to your needs. We’ll advise on the right size, heater style and efficiency.

Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems use an electric element to heat water. Fairly common in households, the most price-effective option is an off-peak unit – only heating water at night, rather than across the entire day. However, this also means you often require a larger unit to hold enough hot water for the following day.

Electric hot water systems are a popular choice, with lower upfront installation costs and quick installation and replacement turnaround times.

Gas hot water systems

Using a gas burner in place of an element, gas hot water systems have higher energy efficiency than their electric counterparts. These units can also be smaller, as there are no costs associated with running the burner as needed.

Gas hot water systems can cost more upfront, however will save you money on your electricity bills. Also consider a gas hot water system will continue running in a blackout, whereas an electric system would not.

Please contact Newtown Plumbing & Excavation for more information about choosing the right hot water system.

Hot water system repairs

Regular servicing of your hot water system is the best way to keep it in optimum condition. Our plumbers can perform routine maintenance checks to keep your system operating cost-effectively, keeping your home or commercial bills down.

If your hot water system breaks down, we ask the right questions, ensuring you get the right replacement unit for your needs. Considering hot water can account for up to 25 per cent of your energy bill – it’s important to get this right!

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