Green waste & concrete rubbish removal

With more than a decade’s experience in excavations, Newtown Plumbing & Excavation offers end-to-end services, including removal of rubbish, green waste and concrete rubble.

Our rubbish removal service includes Bobcat hire and tip truck hire, complete with experienced operators. Don’t risk an injury trying to carry and load heavy items, let our team take on the heavy lifting.

Fitted with a steel body and drop sides, our tip truck takes only 20 seconds to rise and 20 seconds to lower – making rubbish removal quick and easy.

Rubbish removal

If you’ve got old furniture, appliances and other bits and pieces lying around your home or business, call Netwown Plumbing & Excavation for fast rubbish removal. Don’t waste money hiring a skip – our professional team will clean up in no time. Common items we remove include:

  • garbage
  • couches
  • mattresses
  • bookcases
  • chairs and tables
  • general waste.

Green waste removal

We’re proud to offer environmentally friendly green waste removal service across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.¬†As part of our landscape excavations process, we can remove trees, grass, flowers and other¬†plants for a clean site before work commences.

Concrete and rubble removal

If you hire our earthmoving team, you can be assured your site will remain clean from the start to the finish of your project.

We offer site levelling excavations, removing concrete, sand, soil and rubble so you have an even and clean jobsite. We’ll handle waste disposal too – easily loading concrete, timber and rubble onto our tip truck for fast removal.

Whether you need a swimming pool excavation in your backyard or trenching at your farm, our concrete removal service makes cleaning-up a breeze.

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